Bachelor of Creative Industry Management (Hons)

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What is a Bachelor of Creative Industry Management?

A Bachelor of Creative Industry Management is a degree that prepares students who want to take on a supervisory or managerial role in the creative industries, such as film and television, media as well as design.

What will I learn if I take up a Bachelor of Creative Industry Management?

The creative industry has a business model that is unique and this course will provide specific insight into it. You will learn about best practices in this field enabling you to overcome the challenges that are specific to this industry.

You will be equipped with the theoretical knowledge, leadership skills and practical skills to increase business value. Strategic management, innovation and design are also areas in which you will become fluent if you decide to pursue this degree.

The insights to the creative industry that you gain will give you a head start in the working role that you choose upon graduation.

Bachelor of Creative Industry Management (Hons) jobs and career opportunities

A management degree pertaining to the creative industry will offer you a vast number of opportunities, including marketing, communications and management. You can choose to work in any of the following fields:

Advertising and marketing agencies

Public relations agencies

Service companies for the creative industries (content providers, graphic design)

Businesses in the creative industries, from large media corporations to smaller, local startups

Business associations and policymakers in the creative field

Tourism and leisure management

Communication agencies

Event management

Marketing departments

Media relation departments

Market research institutions

With this degree, you will also be prepared to set up your own business or freelance in the creative industry.

Why take a Bachelor of Creative Industry Management (Hons) at UOW Malaysia KDU?

This program deems to offer collaborative learning between the creative practices of design and entertainment/ performing arts, along with creative content creation and entrepreneurial skills.

The program aims to provide graduates with relevant in-depth knowledge, multi-skills, critical thinking skills, creativity and innovation in specialised and interdisciplinary areas of creative arts. It also develops a contextual understanding, entrepreneurship and professionalism, which contribute towards the management of the creative industry and the visual culture. Creative industries management is about strategic management skills which include design, operation, financial, marketing, organization, innovation and change.

These skills are necessary to provide students a few key program aims:

The ability to innovate, design and develop a range of creative projects from practices through to production.

To be able to apply their knowledge and skills to solve the creative industries’ managerial problems innovatively, creatively and ethically.

To enhance life-long learning abilities through the development of essential skills such as cooperative skills, entrepreneurial skills, mediation skills, negotiation skills and decision-making management.

To develop and access the market opportunities to promote own creative practices to the end-users through a sustainable approach.



USD22K for overseas students.


3 Years


  • Full-Time


January, March, May, July, September, October

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