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UOW Malaysia KDU’s Bachelor of Communications (Hons) program develops students’ capability and capacity to think critically and strategically to connect and engage people with communication messages in creative ways. Our program gives students the opportunity to explore the media industry in greater detail through its areas of specialisations, and equips students with the skills to make outstanding contributions in the competitive media and communications industries.

What are Communication Studies?

Communication studies encompasses a field of study that examines the process of human communication. It includes the creation, delivery as well as receiving of messages, verbal and non-verbal.

Communication studies is a multidisciplinary field that covers mass communication, health communication, intercultural communication, scientific communication, interpersonal communication, political communication and gender studies.

There is much research being conducted in this field.

Research on communication usually intersects with other fields such as psychology, sociology and economics.

For example, a communication studies scholar may conduct research on how digital communication impacts education and learning in the traditional classroom setting.

Communication Studies Jobs and Careers

A qualification in communication studies will open doors to careers in fields such as:

Human relations

Customer service



Social services








Students may choose from:

Corporate Communication

Advertising Media Management

Journalism and Broadcasting

Visual Communication

Through this program, students will also have the opportunity to develop and enhance presentation, critical thinking, planning and management skills, through a variety of projects, events and campaigns, both in and out of the classroom. This ensures that aside from a thorough understanding of the media landscape, students learn to push boundaries and take on challenges with utmost confidence.

Why choose Communications & Creative Arts at UOW Malaysia KDU?

UOW Malaysia KDU offers an environment for mass communication and creative arts students to immerse themselves in their passion and explore their potential as they develop their talents. Our communication and creative arts programs are carefully designed and developed with insights from industry professionals, and its syllabus is thoughtfully curated to keep students up-to-date with emerging practices and standards in the communication and creative arts fields while ensuring they have a strong understanding of conventional mass communication and arts.

UOW Malaysia KDU prides itself on offering real-world education to meet real-world needs, and as such, students will benefit from our state-of-the-art mass communication and creative arts facilities. They will be able to learn through hands-on practices and train to develop their skills in our industry-standard labs and studios. There are also great opportunities for students from multi-disciplines to synergise and be involved in different aspects of project management and client interaction in the industry. Through these real-world projects, campaigns, showcases and performances, our students emerge to become confident and adaptive graduates with a mix industry experience, up-to-date skills, and resourceful, imaginative and critical thinking skills.



USD20K for overseas students.


3 Years


  • Full-Time


January, May, September, November

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