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Develop Technical & Analytical Skills to Kick-start a Career in Accounting

Accounting is an important profession that plays a vital role in the business world. These days, there are many paths that enable you to pursue a professional accounting career.

With so many choices, it can be quite confusing to choose the best and most suitable course. Read on to find out more about how a Bachelor of Accounting (Hons) can help you achieve your dream.

What Is A Bachelor Of Accounting (Hons)?

A Bachelor of Accounting, or Bachelor of Accountancy is an accounting degree that will provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to become a professional accountant.

Students will gain understanding of accounting theories as well as the fundamentals of this industry. A Bachelor of Accounting (Hons) will provide students with a strong foothold in finance principles that will be needed for a successful career as an accountant.

What Will I Learn If I Take Up A Bachelor In Accounting (Hons)?

Students who enrol in this degree programme will be able to accomplish the following by the end of the course:

Prepare financial statements using appropriate and approved accounting standards.

Help organizations make decisions according to financial information.

Analyse and evaluate financial documents and information and come up with solutions pertaining to issues that might arise.

Integrate organizational and management knowledge and apply it to help companies.

Collaborate and work effectively with management.

Communicate with stakeholders orally and in writing.

Develop leadership skills as well as an entrepreneurial spirit that will help you to advance in your career.

Develop a commitment to professional development.

What Can I Do With A Bachelor Of Accounting (Hons)?

A Bachelor of Accounting (Hons) will open up career opportunities in:


Financial analysis



Forensic accounting and investigation

Management accounting

Accounting information systems


Why Study Bachelor Of Accounting (Hons) at UOW Malaysia KDU?

The importance and significance of accounting reports is integral to conducting business, making accounting knowledge crucial to being a competent corporate executive.

UOW Malaysia KDU’s Bachelor of Accounting (Hons) program, designed in collaboration with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), is the quickest and most sensible choice towards earning an internationally-recognised professional qualification.  Our well-balanced curriculum covers a broad spectrum of material in order to ensure that students gain sufficient knowledge and understanding of accounting to succeed.

The final year of the program is designed to cover the syllabus of the ACCA’s professional papers, preparing the students specifically for the ACCA Professional level exams later on.

Upon completion of the program, graduates will be granted exemptions from the following recognised professional body^

ACCA – Exempted from all 9 ACCA Fundamental papers

CPA Australia – Exempted from 6 Foundation level papers

CIMA – Exempted from 8 CIMA papers

Subject to revision without prior notice.




3 Years 6 Months


  • Full-Time


January, May, September, November


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